Friday 31 January 2020

My Top Bar Hive from Summer-Old Video

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Found this video on my old camera as I was cleaning it off. It's in 780, so the quality is not good, but since I don't have a lot going on right now to show you, I decided to edit it and post it. The top bar is just a fun hive for me and it has a strong colony in it, so I can actually use the stock and queen to split off some good bees. I'm not a fan of these for beginners down here in the deep south since there can be so many pitfalls with the heat and the wax comb. One mistake and you can flood the hive with honey. And that will drown and run the bees out. Ask me how I know. Had it happen about three times. but they are fun. Most all things with bees are fun. Well, hope you like the video.

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Video length: 15:05
Category: Pets & Animals

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