Saturday 4 January 2020

Cubing New Year's Resolutions (JULES' WILL SHOCK YOU)

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What's your New Year's resolution?

Happy new year, everyone! We’re kicking off 2020 with a video with the cubers in the office and their cubing resolutions. Will Chandler become the best South African at his next competition? Will Damian get that sub 10 3x3 single? We hope so!

We hope everyone can achieve their goals, cubing and personal. Best of luck in 2020!

Chandler’s Valk3 Elite M:
Maddie’s GAN Megaminx:
Rowe and Damian’s WeiLong WR M:
Phil’s DaYan TengYun:
Keenan’s Angstrom Temporus Clock:
Jules’ Magic:

PS: Jules’ new year’s resolution is to get better at more events.


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Video length: 2:49
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