Sunday 5 January 2020

Biobees 5 building up the colony

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I went to an introductory course for intermediate beekeepers who were interested in top bar bee keeping in the UK. I took this video from the back on my phone to share with others on youtube. Hope you like it.
Phil Chandler (author of barfoot beekeeper) and Gareth John describe some of the practicalities of the top bar. This video covers:
-Top bar reinforcement with 6mm dowels to stop breaking.
-Description of the process of building up a top bar hive from 3 bars.
-Why to add bars only two at a time.
- How to encourage straight bee combs.
-Warning about putting 3 bars straight into a brood nest to avoid stressing and chilling the bees.
- Build up gradually to 15/16 bars.
- how to identify the marker comb that indicates when only honey stores will be laid. (really useful tip).
-Description of comb being built wider, from 35mm to 40mm.
-Gareth describes how he has adapted his top bars with a 'shim' which means that he can adjust the width of the top bar to allow for the different width the bees make comb for brood and stores.
-Then he describes how he harvests honey from the hive. How much and when.

Video length: 9:34

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