Saturday 29 June 2019

Philippians Session 1

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Channel: The Hub  

Join Matt Chandler, teaching pastor of The Village Church in Dallas, TX, as he walks us through this most intimate of all Paul's letters and paints a beautiful picture of what it is to be a mature Christian.
Odd Beginnings (31 minutes)
Acts 16:6-40 -- We take a look at the beginning of the church at Philippi and how it got started.
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Thursday 27 June 2019

Top Bar Hive Preview / Feeding

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Channel: nwnjba  

Package installed one week prior, changing the feed to a top feeder and giving a preview of how the top bars were constructed in this homemade top bar that accommodates Langstroth boxes on top.

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Monday 24 June 2019

How to Catch a Swarm of Bees: Part II - Moving bees from the swarm basket to a top bar hive

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Channel: Phil Chandler - Barefoot Beekeeper Having caught your swarm in a basket and placed top bars over them, leave them for a week or two in the exact spot where their hive is to be located. Then you can easily transfer them to their hive without any further disturbance - just watch and see how easy it is. Even making a slip and dropping a couple of bars doesn't bother them.

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Beekeeping - Inspecting a Top Bar Hive Pre-Spring Nectar Flow

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Channel: Pine City Apiary  

Hello and welcome back to Pine City Apiary. Today we are going to inspect Hive Face. We are looking for the Queen, for brood, eggs, larva, and for plenty of stores. In addition, we are also going to be looking for a bar to take from them over to Hive Stripe, so they can get a boost. Today, we also see why it is important to have more than just a single hive.
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Sunday 23 June 2019

How to remove a swarm from a wall

4 Keys to Victory

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Channel: Community Life Center  

Pastor Phil Chandler

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Friday 21 June 2019

Top Bar Hive Inspection 2019

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Channel: Mark S  

These are the first bees I've kept. This is my and their first full hive inspection. I caught a swarm into this hive late July last year , as it was so late in the season they only occupied half the bars , so I was a bit worried they wouldn't make it through the winter. But they did !
This is the beginning of the second season with these bees.

Thanks go to Phil Chandler the Barefoot Beekeeper ( ).
And Special thanks to Joe at Furzeleigh Farm for all the support.

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Top bar hive split pt3

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Channel: Mathew Davis - Adventures and DIY  

In this video I get back into my walk away split to she if I have a queen that has emerged from the queen cells I found on the previous inspection. After that, I'll do a quick look at the original hive to make sure nothing crazy is happening.

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Wednesday 19 June 2019

Tough Lessons Learned in the Top Bar HIve

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Channel: The Productive Garden  

Things dont always go to plan.
I thought I had a chance to save the bees in the Top Bar hive after they were bump by a tree that fell. The truth was that some careless handling one my part playeda big part in their demise.

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Sunday 16 June 2019

Top bar hive split pt2

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Channel: Mathew Davis - Adventures and DIY  

Nine days has passed since I made my first walk away split. Check the new hive out as I crack it open and look for a queen cell.

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Saturday 15 June 2019

Simple Bee Keeping for Africa - Part 5 - Examine a top-bar hive

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Channel: Stuart On Nature  

A summary of the essentials when checking a top-bar hive.

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Friday 14 June 2019

Swarm of honeybees moving into bait hive

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Channel: Phil Chandler - Barefoot Beekeeper  

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The easiest - and cheapest - way to start beekeeping is with a swarm. If you can persuade a swarm to move into a hive of its own accord, that saves some work and possibly some tree-climbing.

A box of 30-40 litres capacity is about right, with some clean comb inside as bait. If you have no comb, a couple of drops of citronella or lemongrass essential oil will often do the trick, as it mimics the scent of the queen's pheromone.

This is a short (18") top bar hive that works well as a bait hive. It has the same profile as my other top bar hives, making it easy to transfer bees into a full-size box when needed. You can keep bees in a box this size if you don't mind them throwing swarms more often than they might in a bigger box.

The shallow box on top is an experimental super, which uses two rows of top bars spaced up to 50mm apart. It doubles up as a place to feed fondant if required in winter. Access for feeding is via a slot in one of the lower set of bars; it would need more open access for use as a super.

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Thursday 13 June 2019

Dissecting a hornet nest with John Walters and live hornets!

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Channel: Phil Chandler - Barefoot Beekeeper  

Naturalist (and artist) John Walters was looking for a hornet rove beetle (which live in hornet nests), so we decided to dismantle the nest that had been built inside one of my top bar hives. We thought that all the residents were dead. We were wrong...

John Walters' web site is
Follow him on Twitter - @JWentomologist

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Wednesday 12 June 2019

Introduction to Top Bar Bee Hives

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Channel: John Suscovich  

I started raising bees this year. I'm learning a ton but I'm no expert. As a livestock guy I couldn't be happier to be adding bees onto my farm.

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Tuesday 11 June 2019

How to convert from frames to a top bar hive - part 2

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Channel: Phil Chandler - home of The Barefoot Beekeeper

The hive shown is a Modified Dadant, built for Brother Adam at Buckfast Abbey. You can use the same method for any framed hive, inlcuding the Langstroth, British National or WBC.

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Top Bar Hive V.S. Langstroth Hive, Beekeeping

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Channel: Madodel  

Think Beek Urban Beekeeping in the Tropics

Top Bar Hive V.S. Langstroth Hive Inspection

Help fund our farming experiments:
For bitcoin: 183nauCvgMADbSpR1dFDbwK7bKfVeXVfpp

MADE in the Philippines

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Monday 10 June 2019

How to make an 'Eco Floor' for the Horizontal Top Bar Hive

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Channel: Phil Chandler - Barefoot Beekeeper  

A simple modification to the floor of the horizontal (Kenyan-style) top bar hive improves insulation, reduces air exchange at floor level and creates an enclosed ecosystem designed to provide habitat for earwigs, wood lice, moulds, fungi and myriad other flora and fauna that may be found inside the average hollow log - the natural habitat of the honeybee.

Phil Chandler shows how the deep floor is made and how it can be retro-fitted to any top bar hive made to his - or similar - design.

No creature on Earth lives in isolation from all others. All sorts of relationships develop between different species, many of them mutually beneficial. Yet honeybees are usually housed in sterile, wooden boxes with little opportunity to come into contact with the myriad other bugs, beetles and bacteria found in their natural habitat: hollow trees. Little is known about the effects on bees of other organisms, but it seems reasonable to suppose that because they have co-evolved with a whole range of other species over tens of millions of years, they will have developed mutually beneficial relationships with some of them.

The 'deep litter floor' is an experimental approach to creating an ecosystem within the bees' living quarters, such that these relationships can be re-established. Of particular interest is the mite Stratiolelaps scimitans, which is known to exist in the wild in Britain and is partial to the Varroa destructor mite, troublesome to bees.

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Sunday 9 June 2019

Top-Bar Hive Inspection With Comb Straightening at Two Weeks After Installation ~ 720p

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Channel: Beepods This video contains instructions on how to perform a Top-Bar Hive Inspection with Comb Straightening at two weeks after colony installation

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Category: Education

Saturday 8 June 2019

Rescuing a Honeybee Colony - a comb cut-out from a condemned building

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Channel: Phil Chandler - Barefoot Beekeeper  

This colony had to be removed before the building they were in was demolished, so despite it being the wrong time of year to attempt this risky operation, we had to give it a shot.
We used a polystyrene Langstroth nucleus box in the upright position, tying combs into frames using soft cotton string.

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Category: Pets & Animals

When Bees Go Bad: splitting and moving a colony in a top bar hive

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Channel: Phil Chandler - Barefoot Beekeeper  

Sometimes, even good bees go bad. Their owners get fed up of being ambushed and chased down the garden, and the hive just has to go.

Here's how we dismantled and moved a BIG colony in a top bar hive...

Free top bar hive plans here -

Warre hive plans here -

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Friday 7 June 2019

Imkern Bienen Top Bar Hive und die Varroa

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Channel: Hatzrider  

Habe Heute zum ersten mal die Kiste unten aufgemacht um zu schauen wieviele Varroen gefallen sind nach der Blockbehandlung.
Als ich da so rein schaute und die Spielnäpfchen sah, dachte ich mir das könnte ich ja so nächstes Jahr als Schwarmkontrolle machen. Dann muß ich nur oben rann wenn was zusehen ist.🤔
Der Wabenbau sieht schön aus find ich.

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Thursday 6 June 2019


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Channel: BEES R' FUNNY  

Hello Everyone!! Yara here with another video! So do you remember the Asali kingdom? well... that hive ended surfing the winter here in Canada! and I was sooo exited about that, that I even bought another top bar hive! So in this video, I basically do a small review on this type of set up as well as I show how I put it together! 

If you are interested in purchasing this kind of Kenyan Top bar hive and you live close to Northern BC... here is the contact information of the creator of this awesome hive!

*Randy Chencharik 
8765 Robson Rd 
Prince George BC
Tel: 250-964-0822

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**Get social with us!**
Instagram: @beesrfunny
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Wednesday 5 June 2019

First top bar hive split of 2019 part 2 of 3

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Channel: Buckwild Bees  

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Tuesday 4 June 2019

Beekeeping in Norway - a chat with Ragna Jorgensen of Bybi

Ragna invited me to Norway to talk to beekeepers about the possibility of using different ways to look after bees, and different hives, including, of course, the top bar hive.

I had a very enjoyable week in this beautiful country, thanks to my hosts Ragna Jorgensen and Joshua, who will feature in the next podcast, once I have finished editing our long discussion in the car, while driving around the stunning north western coastline of Norway.

This recording was made in the woods outside Oslo, and I made the mistake of leaving my phone switched on (and receiving a swarm call) so please excuse the occasional radio frequency interference that this caused in my audio recorder. 

Check out this episode!

Sunday 2 June 2019

Restoring Devon's Meadows

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Channel: Phil Chandler - Barefoot Beekeeper  

Peter Burgess, Director of Conservation and Development at the Devon Wildlife Trust talks about how the DWT goes about restoring wildflower meadows in Devon. Yelverton Village Hall, March 22 2019.

Devon Wildlife Trust

Moor Meadows

Video length: 1:26:08

Saturday 1 June 2019

2nd year Top Bar Hive Inspection 5_20_2012

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Channel: GoldStarHoneybees  

An early season inspection of a successfully overwintered Gold Star top bar hive. Thanks to Kim for hosting us - and thank you for all who attended. Yay! Bees!

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