Sunday 31 March 2019

Restoring Brother Adam apiary

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Channel: Phil Chandler - Barefoot Beekeeper  

Bringing back into use an apiary site established by Brother Adam of Buckfast Abbey circa 1970.

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Hornets occupy an empty top bar hive!

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Channel: Phil Chandler - Barefoot Beekeeper  

European hornets (Vespa crabro) like to find a cosy, protected place to build their nest, as they build it with paper made from chewed wood, which is not waterproof. A queen hornet decided that an unoccupied top bar hive was the perfect location, especially as there were snack bars next door.

Part 2 is here

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Saturday 30 March 2019

The Drone Fly - a honeybee mimic

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Channel: Phil Chandler - Barefoot Beekeeper  

A clip from the video where we dismantled a hornet nest. Naturalist John Walters shows his live drone fly specimen.

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Friday 29 March 2019

Building your Top Bar Hive - Learning Beekeeping

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Channel: OutOfaBlueSky

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There are many plans for Top Bar Hives. The vast majority are overkill. Come back to simplicity and see how these hives were designed to be made.

For the Dimensions go to

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Thursday 28 March 2019

Top Bar Hive Beekeeping Méhészet Geddekas K S N Fecó 2

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Channel: István Tóth  

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Top Bar Hive Beekeeping - Méhészet - Geddekas K S N Fecó 4

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Channel: István Tóth  

Műlép készítése, rajzás, kas műlépezése, cukor lepény készítés és a raj etetése cukorlepénnyel. Zene a Cuháré citerazenekar engedélyével.

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Wednesday 27 March 2019

The Michael Bush TopBar Hive

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Channel: Joseph DeMarzo  

Joseph DeMarzo Showing off his Michael Bush Styled TopBar hive, enjoy and please suscribe

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Tuesday 26 March 2019

TopBar bee hive honey harvest - first time How to

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Channel: homesteadonomics  

Harvesting honey from my top bar bee hives that I built this past spring to house 4 feral bee swarms that I was able to capture. It has been a super fun learning experience and I'm happy that I'm able to harvest a small bit of honey for my efforts.
I'm NO expert and make TONS of mistakes in my handling of bees. I'm still learning and am merely showing how I'm currently doing this with limited experience and knowledge. Nothing I do should be considered the right/correct way to handle or work around bees and if you choose to do this or anything... you do so at your own risk.


Thanks for watching and let me know if you have any questions:)

I own 100% of the visual content in this video and the music is sourced from my brother in law Trey Harris and the YouTube audio music library. Credits are as follows

Intro and first background song - Trey Harris

Second song - Sleepy Jake by Silent Partner

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Monday 25 March 2019

Pur3 worship (cover) My worship Phil Thompson Give it all Chandler Moore

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Channel: Pur3 Worship  

Pur3 worship rehearsal in praise and worship

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Alternative Hives

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Channel: nwnjba  

NWNJBA Presentation of Alternative Hives - September 2013

NWNJBA is a member of the New Jersey Beekeepers Association (NJBA)

For more videos and beekeeping education visit the following websites:

Video length: 42:05
Category: Education

Sunday 24 March 2019

Backyard Beekeeper | Day in the Life

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Channel: Earth Story  

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Volume 4 of the Earthlings series! Featuring Jon Pressley: An enthusiast beekeeper with a thirst for knowledge and unending curiosity. After being enraptured by bees one day, he decided why the hell not grow his own hive right in his backyard. One season later, he has discovered so many incredible things about these amazing creatures, that one would think he's been doing this for decades. An incredible human with an even more incredible mind, Jon taught me about the value in remaining ever curious in this big, beautiful world.

Infinite blessings, Earthlings!
-Troy Ozuna

Personal IGs: @trillozuna @nicolegeri @EmeraldSunDuo

Music: Siddhartha

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Saturday 23 March 2019

top bar hive split and cross comb removal tutorial wmv

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Channel: Paradise Nectar Apiaries  

In this video Jen Rasmussen of Paradise Nectar Apiaries demonstrates how to split a top bar hive and remove cross comb sections. For more information visit

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Friday 22 March 2019

Losers eating sugar barefoot in a driveway. Ft: Sarah

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Channel: Oof Oof  

Oof. (Skip the end if you can’t handle cringey dancing)

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Honeybee swarm moving into a bait hive May 13 2015

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Channel: Phil Chandler  

There had been a lot of scouting activity around this hive for several days and today they decided to move in. The Buddha may or may not have helped.

Free top bar hive plans here -

Warre hive plans here -

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Thursday 21 March 2019

The Zombies - Time of the Season - "Carcapella" - The Barefoot Movement

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Channel: The Barefoot Movement  

Happy Valentine's Day! We sure hope you enjoy our take of this here classic tune by The Zombies. It is, after all, the the time of the season for LOVING. Hope you feel the love this weekend!


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Wednesday 20 March 2019


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Channel: Matteo Ranzi  

Nei miei 60 giorni di prova della Feel Shoes WAI, start-up italiana del mondo della calzature barefoot, ho provato a testarle durante una giornata sugli sci, in Val Badia.

E mentre tutti sacramentavano con i loro scarponi scomodi, io mi godevo la libertà del piede rilassato.

.. scoprilo nel video


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Tuesday 19 March 2019

Brandon Thomas Lee Barefoot

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Channel: R U  

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Monday 18 March 2019

Not One Of My Usual Beekeeping Videos - Stewart Spinks at the Norfolk Honey Co.

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Channel: The Norfolk Honey Company  

I have spent ages trying to find a very specific product that was promised me as a present and I finally found it!
Check out my latest toy An Igneus Classico Wood Fired Pizza Oven from the very nice people at

Here's a link straight to the Pizza Oven I was bought.

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Barefoot vs Hogs

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Channel: Barefoot Ultimate  

Kringle X, Day 2, Game 2

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Sunday 17 March 2019

Solo barefoot winter overnight mit Hängematte :)

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Channel: Richans  

Allein auf abenteuerlicher Erkundungstour :)

Kanal vom Frank:

#richans #barefoot #overnight

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Saturday 16 March 2019

Top Bar Hive - January Inspection - 2019

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Channel: Jason Cowin  

Inspecting the top bar hive. Results were a promising. Still a large cluster of bees. Lots of moisture, and didn’t see too much honey left. Poured some white sugar on the back wall for additional food after the video was finished.

Video length: 5:35
Category: Science & Technology

Friday 15 March 2019

Barefoot vs Pleasuroux

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Channel: Barefoot Ultimate  

Kringle X, Game 1

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Imkern in der Top bar hive Kontrolle der Ableger

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Channel: Kai Meinert  

Heute eine kurze Kontrolle der Ableger durchgeführt alle Königinen sind geschlüpft, jetzt müssen sie nur noch begattet werden.

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Thursday 14 March 2019


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Channel: YOW Surf  

You need to know the past to understand the present. This is the reason why we decided to create the Classic Series, an ode to the beginning of surfing and all what it meant.

Inspired by the first surfing movies and the actual retro movement; and named after one of the epicenters of classical surfing, we designed the new Byron Bay surfskate, the perfect match for long summer days and barefoot sessions.

Starring Alex Petit.

Filmed by: Pablo Ribera & Xué Gil

Music: Rip Van Winkle - Shannon and The Clams

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Wednesday 13 March 2019

Junior Beekeepers - Behind the News

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Channel: Behind the News  

Near Richmond in Tasmania is what’s thought to be Australia’s only junior bee-keeping club. Its members learn all about the fascinating world of bees and how to get the best honey from their hives. They’re even hoping to represent Australia at an international competition. And their teachers are hoping that they’ll keeping the bee businesses buzzing along in the future.

Students explore the features of the honey bee, including habitat and unique features - Science years 5, 6 & 7


Backyard Bees

For the past 50 years, Behind the News has been helping to break down current issues and events for young people all around the world. The program is a high-energy, fun way for people to learn about the stories we see in the news, while providing background information that isn’t usually given by other news bulletins.

We have over 1000 stories on all sorts of topics - everything from politics & volcanoes, to online security & fortnite. If you're looking for help to understand something, you'll probably find it on BTN.

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Tuesday 12 March 2019

Phil's Auto Repair | Repair & Service in Chandler

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Channel: DataSphereVideos  

At Phil's Auto Repair, we are committed to providing the highest level of auto service to each and every customer and their vehicle. With years of experience providing repairs and maintenance on all makes and models, Phil's Auto Repair will work with you to find cost-effective solutions to your car-care needs. We are committed to earning the loyalty of our customers, as our highly trained technicians are dedicated to providing you with world-class service on a daily basis. Serving Chandler and the surrounding areas, come see the professionals at Phil's Auto Repair, and rest easy knowing you got quality work done at a fair price. Call us to schedule your appointment today! Visit our profile page to learn more!

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Barefoot freestyle running🤡🤡

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Channel: running BUDDIES  

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Monday 11 March 2019

Zuma Beach Whale Watching

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Channel: Phil Chandler  

We visited Zuma Beach on March 10, 2019 and were treated to whales playing close to the beach.

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Sunday 10 March 2019

All-American Wrestlers turned MMA Stars Mike Chandler & Phil Davis give a 'Wonderful' display

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Channel: Michael Chandler  

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Saturday 9 March 2019

Bee Hut - Reverence for Bees with Jacqueline Freeman

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Channel: paul wheaton Jacqueline Freeman of Friendly Haven Rise Farm is my favorite beekeeper. Rather than raising thousands of colonies and focusing on honey production or crop pollination, she raises just a few and focuses on the happiness of the bees. I have visited beekeepers that show respect for the bees, but Jacqueline takes it much farther and shows reverence for the bees. In this video she shows us her bee shelter, or, as she calls it "a bee house".

When hives are on the south side of a bee hut, or bee shelter like this, then they get shade in the summer, sun in the winter and all year protection from rain. They are up, off the damp ground. This makes the hive easier for the bees to care for, healthier bees and an increase in honey production. Sometimes honey production can be increased as much as five fold.

Jacqueline points out that the pacific northwest has the same weather as the United Kingdom: wet and drizzly.

These hives are mite free. What does Jacqueline use to keep the mites off? Nothing. No miticides. No insecticides. None of the so-called "organic" solutions (powdered sugar, essential oils). What she does do is provide three season nectar forage close by. If the bees don't have to go far to get their nectar, then that is less stress. And they are getting nectar that is high qaulity and free of pesticides or herbicides. Plus, since she has just a few hives, the bees get all the nectar they need from nearby - jacqueline's property wouldn't be enough to feed a hundred hives, so the bees would have to venture farther and to lower quality nectar sources.

Since the hives are protected in the bee hut, then they don't need paint!

The Friendly Haven Rise Farm website is at

I want to thank Barthélémy Glumineau for editing this video and making it look so damn professional!

You can visit with Jacqueline and other excellent permaculture beekeepers at the Honey Bees forum at

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Top Bar Beehive Tour

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Channel: striderz69  

Bees have caught my interest lately. so I decided to build a top bar hive and try my luck at beekeeping. This is a project my daughter and I worked on together. Come with us as I give a guided tour of the hive before we add bees. In one week, I will have bees, and will try to keep making videos to document our success. HUGE thank you to Wranglerstar on YouTube and our friend Tamara for the inspiration.

Video length: 11:33
Category: Howto & Style

Friday 8 March 2019

Midnight barefoot snowrun

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Channel: Michael Saniuk-Collins  

Instagram @saniukmichael

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Thursday 7 March 2019

The New Beekeeper Guy- Episode 11- The Sting

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Channel: guardiankraz  

It’s bound to happen: Getting stung. Join Kraz as he experiences a bee sting, from a new first-person perspective.

Video length: 6:02
Category: Entertainment

Wednesday 6 March 2019

Horizontal Hive short

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Channel: Wudrest  

This video is about Horizontal Hive
Welcome to the Wudrest channel
I recently built a couple of horizontal hives. I got the plans from He has detailed plans that I followed except for minor modifications. For instance I put my bee entrance door in the end based on a kenya top bar hive builder. I built the top cover in the same way I build my Langstroth style top. This model has a screen bottom board with a space for oil trays.

There are some pros and cons to building this way. It uses standard deep frames so extraction is no problem. I like it because it is 2x construction. Making it easier to control temp and moisture. So far, I like the ease of access. I really like the legs and I don’t like concrete blocks. If I was only going to have 1 or 2 hives I would definitely pick this style. The cons are that 2x material is heavier and harder to build with. It does take two to move it very far unless it is empty where you can tip it on the end and use a dolly. And it does take up more of your bee yard real estate.

The top is built with a frame around 1/2” plywood with 2” of styrofoam. I seal along the top edge with silicone caulking and screw on a sheet metal cover. I make the frame just shy of the foam so the sheet metal top doesn’t sag.

Here is a peek on the inside with a follower board and a single frame.

Plain paint is fine. But I decided to decorate mine.

Thanks for watching.

Video length: 2:18
Category: Entertainment

How To Darn A Sock

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Channel: Phil Chandler

Instructional video from Greenfibres - mend your socks, don't throw them out!

Video length: 9:19
Category: Howto & Style

Tuesday 5 March 2019

Barefoot on a Train UK |Travelling to Barefoot Challenge #1| Climb Scafell Pike Barefoot

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Channel: Mr Matthew Strange  

This was originally uploaded on 1st July 2018 at 14:39 but then blocked worldwide due to the music being copyright protected..
I never made it again but apparently Gorrilaz are no longer interested and want the money from ads! haha

Here it is anyway, a little behind the scenes and a little perk before monday's new vid! :)

The Journey from Preston to Seatoller, Lake District to climb Scafell Pike (England's Tallest Mountain).

Completed barefoot.

Artist: Gorillaz
Featured artist: George Benson
Album: The Now Now
Released: 2018

Video length: 2:19
Category: People & Blogs

Sunday 3 March 2019

Barefoot and Disgraced

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Channel: Plaster Rock United Baptist Church  

The Morning Musings
"Barefoot and Disgraced"
with Pastor Kris Shoemaker

Video length: 6:42
Category: Education

Saturday 2 March 2019

Bees for beginners Part 8 Honey harvest

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Channel: SurvivalReport  

Part of our continuing educational series on Beekeeping. Part 8 shows a spring honey harvest. A short clip continues the video in Part 9.

honey, bees, beekeeping, colony collapse disorder, homesteading, survivalist, prepare for : economic collapse, peak oil, famine, food shortages, war.

Video length: 7:42
Category: Education