Friday 30 March 2012

The final proof: Stirling University research shows that neonicotinoids kill bees in field conditions

With today's news from Stirling University that neonicotinoid pesticides are heavily implicated in the death of honeybees - contrary to what Bayer and the BBKA have told us for the last ten years - we now need some action from the government to improve the regulation of these highly toxic chemicals.

Sterling University has just published the first ever FIELD STUDY that shows neonicotinoids really are killing bees - as some of us have been saying for years. This undermines Bayer's lame attempts to defend their toxic products - they can no longer say that the earlier lab studies are not supported by field research.

Now, will the British Bee Keepers Association finally cut their ties with pesticide manufacturers, get off the fence and actually start to defend our bees?

- PLEASE LOBBY YOUR LOCAL MP to put pressure on the government to massively improve pesticide regulation

- PLEASE WRITE TO THE BBKA and ask them to support organic agriculture and totally disassociate themselves from pesticide manufacturers once and for all.

Learn from the bees: by working together, we can get results!