Wednesday 6 March 2019

Horizontal Hive short

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This video is about Horizontal Hive
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I recently built a couple of horizontal hives. I got the plans from He has detailed plans that I followed except for minor modifications. For instance I put my bee entrance door in the end based on a kenya top bar hive builder. I built the top cover in the same way I build my Langstroth style top. This model has a screen bottom board with a space for oil trays.

There are some pros and cons to building this way. It uses standard deep frames so extraction is no problem. I like it because it is 2x construction. Making it easier to control temp and moisture. So far, I like the ease of access. I really like the legs and I don’t like concrete blocks. If I was only going to have 1 or 2 hives I would definitely pick this style. The cons are that 2x material is heavier and harder to build with. It does take two to move it very far unless it is empty where you can tip it on the end and use a dolly. And it does take up more of your bee yard real estate.

The top is built with a frame around 1/2” plywood with 2” of styrofoam. I seal along the top edge with silicone caulking and screw on a sheet metal cover. I make the frame just shy of the foam so the sheet metal top doesn’t sag.

Here is a peek on the inside with a follower board and a single frame.

Plain paint is fine. But I decided to decorate mine.

Thanks for watching.

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