Sunday 24 March 2019

Backyard Beekeeper | Day in the Life

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Volume 4 of the Earthlings series! Featuring Jon Pressley: An enthusiast beekeeper with a thirst for knowledge and unending curiosity. After being enraptured by bees one day, he decided why the hell not grow his own hive right in his backyard. One season later, he has discovered so many incredible things about these amazing creatures, that one would think he's been doing this for decades. An incredible human with an even more incredible mind, Jon taught me about the value in remaining ever curious in this big, beautiful world.

Infinite blessings, Earthlings!
-Troy Ozuna

Personal IGs: @trillozuna @nicolegeri @EmeraldSunDuo

Music: Siddhartha

Video length: 7:50
Category: People & Blogs

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