Sunday 29 December 2019

Long Langstroth Hive | New Hive Build Plan (55)

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Though I love the two top bar hives that I built last year, after they failed I realized I need bees acclimatized to the cold north. But, all the local beekeepers only sell bees as nucs! So that means I need a hive that accepts standard Langstroth frames. BUT I really like the horizontal orientation of top bar hives. So the answer is the Long Langstroth hive. This will be the best of both worlds. In this video I talk about the plans for my new hive.

DIY Beehive. How to build a beehive. Long langstroth beehive. Building a beehive. What beehive is best?

These are the plans I'm sort of following:

Foundationless Langstroth Deep Hives from

Video length: 7:05
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