Friday 14 June 2019

Swarm of honeybees moving into bait hive

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The easiest - and cheapest - way to start beekeeping is with a swarm. If you can persuade a swarm to move into a hive of its own accord, that saves some work and possibly some tree-climbing.

A box of 30-40 litres capacity is about right, with some clean comb inside as bait. If you have no comb, a couple of drops of citronella or lemongrass essential oil will often do the trick, as it mimics the scent of the queen's pheromone.

This is a short (18") top bar hive that works well as a bait hive. It has the same profile as my other top bar hives, making it easy to transfer bees into a full-size box when needed. You can keep bees in a box this size if you don't mind them throwing swarms more often than they might in a bigger box.

The shallow box on top is an experimental super, which uses two rows of top bars spaced up to 50mm apart. It doubles up as a place to feed fondant if required in winter. Access for feeding is via a slot in one of the lower set of bars; it would need more open access for use as a super.

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