Friday 26 April 2019

How to use the Morris Board to raise queens

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The Morris Board is device that can make the continuous raising of queen bees possible throughout the season. It is not difficult to make, although reasonable accuracy is required for it to operate smoothly. In this video, i explain the various parts and show how it all works.

The "emergency impulse" is triggered as soon as the colony discovers it is queenless, when the bees act swiftly to save themselves from certain disaster. They identify a few larvae that have just hatched and begin to extend their cells outwards and downwards, while packing them with extra rations of royal jelly. Because these queens will have been produced in a hurry, they may not be of the best quality, but at least one of them will be good enough to carry the colony until they can, if necessary, replace her at leisure later on, perhaps at a less critical time, by the planned process of supercedure, which takes place in the presence of - and therefore, we assume, with at least the acquiescence, if not the full assent of the laying queen - and which is believed to produce queens of the highest quality.

Since we cannot easily trigger the supercedure response, we start the ball rolling by inducing the emergency response, then switching conditions to those pertaining during supercedure, hoping to be rewarded with higher quality queens.

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