Saturday 18 August 2012

2012 UK Natural Beekeeping Conference Panel Discussion

This is the recording of the panel discussion that took place on Sunday 12th August. On the panel were: Penny Crowder, Paul Smith, Phil Chandler, Heidi Herrmann, Johannes Wirz, Thomas Radetzki, David Heaf and John Haverson.

This recording suffers from some low-frequency vibration caused by placing the microphone on a tripod directly on top of the table the panel were using. I had to remove some voices from the back of the room that were not sufficiently clear to include.

Check out this episode!


  1. The bees are definitely more important than the gong! Wish the Neonicotonoid issue had been brought up earlier in the discussion. Thanks for recording.

  2. Yes - me too! There was a lot of pressure to only talk about a restricted range of subjects, regarding which I have since expressed my annoyance!