Tuesday 3 April 2012

My challenge to Bayer

To the Management of Bayer Crop Science, the Crop Protection Association and Dr Julian Little

Now it is clear from a number of research papers that - contrary to the misleading propaganda published by Bayer et al since they were first put on the market - neonicotinoids do indeed pose a massive danger to bees and other pollinators, I would like a straight answer to this question:

Did Bayer always know that this class of pesticides was lethal to bees, even in minute doses, and that sublethal effects would include disorientation, which to bees is death by another name?

If so, you are without question guilty of reckless profiteering at the expense of some of our most valued insect species and as such unfit to run a company.

If not, then you are incompetent fools who failed properly to test your own products before marketing them and are thus unfit to run a company.

Either way, if you had an ounce of decency between you, you would hang your heads in shame and resign from your posts forthwith.

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