Friday, 18 October 2019

How to make a top bar hive stand

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Channel: Grandpa's Place  

In this video I cover How to make a top bar hive stand from 2x4's and saw horse clamps.

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Video length: 8:34
Category: Education

Repairing Topbar Hive Comb with Plastic Ties and Spotting the Queen ~ 1080p

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Channel: Beepods This video is about Repairing Topbar Hive Comb with Plastic Ties and Spotting the Queen

Video length: 14:29
Category: Education

Thursday, 17 October 2019

Toulouse Goose having a wash and air dry

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Channel: Phil Chandler

Toulouse goose at Totnes Rare Breeds Farm grooming in a bucket.

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Category: Pets & Animals

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

The best book on Top Bar Hives

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Channel: OutOfaBlueSky  

I once thought about writing a book on TBHs, but then I found this book. It is the definitive book on TBHs and I can't write one better.
Unfortunately, not available on Amazon, only available at
I do not know the author and am not paid to endorse it. Simply it is a great book.

Video length: 5:57
Category: Howto & Style

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

How to Make a Wildlife Garden

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Channel: Phil Chandler - Barefoot Beekeeper  

Naturalist John Walters shows how he created a wildlife garden, full of birds, frogs, bees and even slugs and worms. He also gives useful advice on creating your own meadow, even if you only have a small patch of grass.

John's web site is

This event was presented by Moor Meadows, a group of people living on Dartmoor, Devon, who are working to restore some of the many meadows we have lost since WWII. The Moor Meadows group can be found here

Video length: 1:12:21
Category: Pets & Animals

Sunday, 13 October 2019

Becca's Bees - Splitting the Top Bar Hive - Part 1 - Finding and moving the queen

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Channel: NNY Bees  

Decided to make one hive into two hives. My top bar hive has grown and we have not yet started summer so I wanted to create two hive. This is the process Becca and I went through. In Part 2, I add a queen cell to the queenless hive. Thanks for watching.

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Category: People & Blogs

Saturday, 12 October 2019

Matt Chandler's Radical Reminder that "God Is For God"

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Channel: Tim Challies  

It takes two ingredients to deliver a message that really sticks. It takes the right message and it takes the right time. Matt Chandler’s 2012 sermon “God is For God” is an example of this kind of timely message.

This video was sponsored in part by the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, where preachers train for biblical faithfulness and bold preaching. They are offering anyone who watches this video a free resource. Visit

Written by Tim Challies & Joey Schwartz
Produced by Thaddeus Maharaj

Original video:

Video length: 12:43
Category: People & Blogs