Monday, 24 June 2019

How to Catch a Swarm of Bees: Part II - Moving bees from the swarm basket to a top bar hive

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Channel: Phil Chandler - Barefoot Beekeeper Having caught your swarm in a basket and placed top bars over them, leave them for a week or two in the exact spot where their hive is to be located. Then you can easily transfer them to their hive without any further disturbance - just watch and see how easy it is. Even making a slip and dropping a couple of bars doesn't bother them.

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Beekeeping - Inspecting a Top Bar Hive Pre-Spring Nectar Flow

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Channel: Pine City Apiary  

Hello and welcome back to Pine City Apiary. Today we are going to inspect Hive Face. We are looking for the Queen, for brood, eggs, larva, and for plenty of stores. In addition, we are also going to be looking for a bar to take from them over to Hive Stripe, so they can get a boost. Today, we also see why it is important to have more than just a single hive.
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Sunday, 23 June 2019

How to remove a swarm from a wall

4 Keys to Victory

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Pastor Phil Chandler

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Friday, 21 June 2019

Top Bar Hive Inspection 2019

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These are the first bees I've kept. This is my and their first full hive inspection. I caught a swarm into this hive late July last year , as it was so late in the season they only occupied half the bars , so I was a bit worried they wouldn't make it through the winter. But they did !
This is the beginning of the second season with these bees.

Thanks go to Phil Chandler the Barefoot Beekeeper ( ).
And Special thanks to Joe at Furzeleigh Farm for all the support.

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Top bar hive split pt3

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Channel: Mathew Davis - Adventures and DIY  

In this video I get back into my walk away split to she if I have a queen that has emerged from the queen cells I found on the previous inspection. After that, I'll do a quick look at the original hive to make sure nothing crazy is happening.

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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Tough Lessons Learned in the Top Bar HIve

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Things dont always go to plan.
I thought I had a chance to save the bees in the Top Bar hive after they were bump by a tree that fell. The truth was that some careless handling one my part playeda big part in their demise.

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